Robert Allain, France
It’s my first time to order Cialis online. Frankly, I only did this to save hundreds for my prescription since Cialis is nearly impossible to afford at my local pharmacy. Thanks to Trust Pharmacy, I’ve just received my order today - I hope these pills would work just like the others have said!
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Got my package today and everything looks intact. Would be trying this out with the wife soon and I hope everything works as advertised.
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REceived generic cialis from Trust Pharmacy and honestly, they’re great. One 20 mg pill lasted me about a day, which was not really 36 hours, but hey, it’s way longer than Viagra’s 4 hours. It took some time to work and had to wait and watch the telly for 2 hours before the pill kicked in. Overall, great experience.
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I’ve tried all brand pills and so far, Viagra worked perfectly for my needs. Tried generics from Trust Pharmacy coz my prescription’s not covered by insurance anymore-at first I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think Trust Pharmayc’s Viagra is a good deal. NOt as strong as the brand stuff (in my own opinion) but good enough.
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tried levitra out of curiosity if whether or not this will be as effective as or better than viagra. turns out it’s okay and works a bit faster than viagra so i think i’ll be using levitra for now.
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At first I thought that levitra here wouldnt be as good as the ones i purchase at the chemist’s but i was wrong. Levitra’s way impressive and I think I’d be using this for a while - well, until the next great one comes along.
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I’ve been suffering from erectile disfunction for several years due to heart problems and diabetes. Levitra from Bayer has helped me a lot, but it’s getting too expensive for me to afford. Good thing my friend introduced me to Trust Pharmacy so I was able to order my meds here at a more affordable price.
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Effective. Enough said.
Oscar Dale, United States
Yeah, vardenafil is excellent - I’ve had almost 6 hours of fun from this product. Compared to viagra though I think for me they’re almost the same.
Quentin, United States
Been using Propecia for three months now and honestly, I’d want to wait a little longer because the effects aren’t quite visible yet. However, my doctor said to wait at least six months to take effect. So far, no side effects from the generic Propecia I ordered from Trust Pharmacy. I will keep everyone posted.
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This antibiotic has helped my son’s ear infection. After taking the drug as prescribed, it’s as if my little boy never had an infection. Thank you Trust Pharmacy.
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Fern D, United States
Just got my package so I’m not sure if this would work. But judging from the past reviews for this product, I think I have my hopes up for this xenical!
Sandra Jane, United States
Trust Pharmacy delivered my orders in just 9 days. It’s a record for me because most international web drugstores take more than a month.
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Everything went well because I got my package today! I’m going to see if the products work, but service-wise, Trust Pharmacy did a great job.
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