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Normal Hairline for a 20-Year-Old – Maturing or Receding?

Normal Hairline for a 20

The hairline of any young adult at twenty may be subject to several influencing factors. Most people at twenty begin to develop a mature hairline but there are cases of people whose hairline starts to recede as early as twenty years of age. While it is normal for your hair to mature by age twenty, you need to understand that there is a difference between maturing and receding; both of which do not necessarily imply balding. It is also important to understand that your hairline will be different at all stages of life; childhood, puberty, and adulthood.

At twenty years of age, your hairline will be defined by some given factors. One such is genetics. If early hair recession runs in your family lineage, there are high chances you will begin to notice your hairline pulling a little back starting from the temple areas. Age is another factor that can influence your hairline as it is normal that as you grow older, your hairline will be prone to change. Ethnicity also affects the hairline as you will find out that various ethnic groups have different distinct hairlines they relate with. The products you use on your hair will also influence the hairline you will have by twenty. Good products will keep your hair healthy and strong while harsh products will make it thin and easy to recede.

Normal Hairline at Twenty

Here comes the big question: How then do you determine whether your hairline is normal at twenty years old? Considering all factors as constant, here are the characteristics of a normal hairline for a twenty-year-old adult.

  • In most women, a normal hairline will form a Widow’s Peak which is usually the hair forming a small triangular shape at the center of the forehead.
  • At about two inches above the eyebrows, a woman’s hairline will be considered normal if it forms the shape of an inverted letter ‘U’.
  • At twenty years old, the hairline height of a woman should not be too high or too low as to affect the general look of the face but should stand in the middle where it appears not to be receding. A very high hairline would imply an abnormal hairline at twenty as would a very low hairline.
  • In men, at twenty, the hairline is considered normal if it forms a U-shaped arrangement at approximately six centimeters above the eyebrows.
  • Some men will also have a Widow’s Peak albeit uncommonly.
  • A normal hairline at 20 for a man will show signs of receding but should be within the range of two and four centimeters at the temple area.
  • Receding in the middle of the forehead for a normal hairline in men should not exceed two centimeters at twenty because then it becomes abnormal.

What to Do

While most hairlines will be considered normal at twenty, there are exceptions that pose a lot of esteem issues and confidence problems in individuals. Monitor your hairline every two months to first determine if it is normal. If you think it is not, speak to an expert for advice on maintaining a healthy hairline. A change of hair products would help as well as specific medications failure to which surgical options are available. After talking to your healthcare provider, you might consider medications like Propecia that helps to deal with this issue.

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