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Going Bald At 18 – How to Avoid It

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Going bald at 18 can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to a college student – especially if you are a woman. Baldness or hair loss is a condition associated with aging. It is also a condition caused by different factors such as stress, hereditary, shock, trauma, and medical condition.

at least 25% of the male population start losing their hair at the age of 30. If you have a special condition though, you might find yourself hairless at the age of 18. Can it be avoided?

Signs of Going Bald

Know this, losing hair is not the same as going bald. Hair loss means having patches or areas in your head that is starting to show up. Baldness is about having a receding hairline. Baldness starts at the crown of the head or temples while hair loss can happen anywhere in your head. Here are some signs that you are going bald before you reach your 18th birthday.

  1. Your temple or crown is starting to have a receding hairline
  2. If your receding hairline is moving at a speed like in a span of one month, the change is undeniable
  3. If your dad is bald since you can remember, and granddad has a bald picture when he was like at his 20s, then it is in your genes

There are different causes of baldness. It is not just hereditary, it can be caused by massive hair fall too that is caused by other factors as well. Remember that hair loss is not just a head problem, it can be caused by underlying factors involving your central nervous system or auto-immune system.

How to Avoid Going Bald at 18?

If it is hereditary and your family pictures show that most of your family members are bald at a young age, then it is time to say that you will change it. With some treatments and lifestyle change, you can easily thwart baldness and give your hair more care than how others do. If it is not, start by determining your cause of baldness. Learning about its cause means winning half of your battle against baldness.

You can start by having a diet that is healthy with proteins like nuts and legumes. Biotin supplement can also help nourish your follicles and scalp. If you are about to get into a stressful situation like having a divorce, manage your stress and try to refocus your goal. Mediate and exercise. Avoid displacing your stress with your hair by pulling it, always remember that you are at risk of going bald.

In addition, seek help from professionals. Ask them to recommend a great shampoo that you can use to prevent hair thinning. Give our scalp the treatment it deserves. If you can prevent or slow down your balding process, do so. It is easier to control baldness than to think of a way to bring your hair back.

If all else fails, take medications. There are drugs that can improve hair regrowth and can strengthen your follicles and scalp. Schedule a checkup with a doctor and face your problem as early as possible.

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