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Copy of 125 Tea For Erectile Dysfunction

Copy of 125 Tea For Erectile Dysfunction

Tea for Erectile Dysfunction

In the US alone, at least 30 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that a man experiences erectile dysfunction at least once in his life and this is normal. The problem starts if the problem starts to repeat itself then treating ED comes into play. Among the common treatments for erectile dysfunction are a lifestyle change, diet change, natural and herbal supplement intake, and prescription ED drugs. Tea was never mentioned but some say that there are some special brands of tea that works in treating erectile dysfunction.

Just like any other tea, erection tea is a concoction that needs to be brewed or immersed in hot water before drinking it. The preparation of erectile tea is less than 10 minutes. Boil or simmer it for 7 minutes then let it cool down for a minute or two. Once it is cool enough for your tongue, you can drink it down and wait for the effect to kick in.

How to Prepare an Erection Tea

Here are the ingredients that you need to prepare for your erection tea. Preparing these ingredients will take a minute or two. Most of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen as well.

What you need to prepare are:

  • A coffee or tea maker
  • Coffee or tea filter
  • A bag of black tea
  • Ginger, powdered
  • Lemon, squeezed and strained, you will need the juice
  • Honey (for taste)

Start by pouring the black tea on the coffee filter then add four cups of water to the coffee/tea maker. Add powdered ginger then let it brew for a few minutes. Add honey and lemon juice for taste. Once you are satisfied with the brewing, let it cool down. Your erection tea is now ready to be served.

Is Erection Tea Effective?

According to the proponents of this tea, it is an effective tool against erectile dysfunction because ginger has a natural vasodilation effect. It helps in widening blood vessels to allow better blood flow. The black tea ingredient in this tea is an effective cortisol blocker while lemon is known to de-clog arteries because it is rich in Vitamin C and Bio-Flavin. The effect of honey is the testosterone level as it is known for its Boron content.

For erection tea to work, you should take at least 2 cups every day, one in the morning and one before bedtime.

The introduction of erection tea in the market is the same as the introduction of erectile dysfunction herbal supplements. They don’t have clinical backups to prove its effectiveness. The difference is that erection tea is promoted by people who believe in the effect of all-natural products that can treat erectile dysfunction. They are not selling it, rather they are sharing its ingredients and how to do it so that those who want to try it can do it on their own. As the saying goes, try it at your own risk but if you believe, your chance of getting a better and fuller erection is higher with two cups of erection tea every day.

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