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Bupropion and Erectile Dysfunction

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The link between Bupropion and erectile dysfunction has been one of the most researched topics in the medical world. Bupropion is a medication used to treat depression and smoking addiction. It is a prescription medicine. According to most papers written about Bupropion, this medicine is linked to erectile dysfunction as most users of Bupropion reported as having erectile dysfunction during treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Induced by Bupropion

The idea that Bupropion can cause erectile dysfunction stemmed from the fact that most antidepressant causes erectile dysfunction. The literature says that this is one of its side effects. In different studies, though that tried to link Bupropion to erectile dysfunction, there was no conclusive finding that shows that this medicine can indeed cause erectile dysfunction. Among the conditions they found are:

  • In the past, Bupropion was actually used to treat erectile dysfunction induced by depression
  • Erectile dysfunction is connected to at least 20 different neurotransmitters and hormones and there is no clear indication that Bupropion affects any of it
  • Every individual respond differently to medicines so perhaps some are just responding negatively to Bupropion and it shows by developing erectile dysfunction, yet not all have the same response

Erectile dysfunction and Depression

Bupropion is a medication used in treating depression. It is also prescribed to men with depression induced erectile dysfunction or psychogenic erectile dysfunction. When a man is suffering from depression, one of the side effects can be impotence.

With the help of Bupropion and therapy, psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be alleviated. This is what doctors believe. However, in men with no erectile dysfunction and were just suffering from depression, they also reported having erectile dysfunction after taking Bupropion. According to some researchers, maybe they are not having a Bupropion side effect but rather they are having psychogenic erectile dysfunction (due to depression).


Bupropion is a unique antidepressant because it works on different biological targets. It is a combination of norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) and a nicotinic receptor antagonist. This chemical was first produced by Burroughs Wellcome and was used by GSK in manufacturing their first antidepressant medication. Bupropion is the third most prescribed drug in the US to fight depression.

This medicine is highly used for clinical depression. It is also used in treating a seasonal affective disorder and for preventing its reoccurrence. Based on clinical tests, Bupropion was also proven to not cause sexual dysfunction hence the allegation by some researchers that it causes erectile dysfunction was false. As claimed by the Food and Drug Administration and the manufacturer of Bupropion, based on clinical trials, this medication improves the erectile dysfunction of people with depression who took it. In fact, most antidepressant medications are known to cause sexual dysfunction problems and Bupropion was one of those antidepressant drugs that cause the lease sexual dysfunction side effects.

Aside from treating depression, Bupropion was also used to treat smoking addiction. It helps in reducing withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings among men who want to stop smoking. In addition, this medicine is also known to aid smokers with depression.

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