Questions About Prescriptions

I can see that I can purchase my medicines here without any prescription. Why?
All of the products found on our website are safe to use and are approved by the FDA. You can purchase medicines here without Rx because all of our products are legitimate. We do not sell controlled substances in our shop, that’s why you can purchase them without a prescription. However, we still encourage our users to consult their doctors before purchasing products on our website since we do not give medical advice to our buyers.
Is there an online consultation function in your store?
While we do not offer video or call consultations, all of our buyers will be asked to fill out a medical evaluation form before they can order any prescription product from our shop.
This product is not yet prescribed for me. Can I take it?
We offer a medical evaluation service so you can purchase a product even without Rx. It is up to you to take any drug without an Rx, but it would be ideal if you will take the drug if it is only prescribed to you by your doctor.
Is it important for me to consult my doctor before I use your medicines?
Yes. It is ideal for patients to use medicines only prescribed to them by their doctors. While you can avail of our medicines without any Rx since our medicines are generally safe to use, we encourage our buyers to consult their doctors before using any drug, especially if they’re going to use the product for the first time.

Product Concerns

Where does your medicine supply come from?
Through the years, Trust Pharmacy has formed partnerships with countless manufacturers of FDA-approved medicines. We have our partners in almost every part of the globe, although the bulk of our products come from world-class Indian generic manufacturers.
Do you sell generic or brand name drugs?
Both brand and generic medicines are available on Trust Tablets. Our products are labeled “brand” or “generic” for your convenience.
Can I use generic medicines instead of brand name medicines?
Yes! Generic medicines are identical to brand-name treatments and have absolutely the same effect as the brand name medicines. You can use generic treatments in place of the brand name drugs, since this way, you’ll be able to save more.

Trust Pharmacy: The Order Process

Must I log in or create a profile on Trust Pharmacy before I am able to order medicines here?
We do not require our users to create a profile or an account before they are able to purchase the medicines they need on our platform. However, we will at least ask your email address or your phone number for verification purposes during your guest checkout.
What is your step by step order process?
Ordering from Trust Pharmacy is actually very simple. You only have to browse for the products you need, add them to your cart, then click checkout when you’re done. You will be prompted to enter your payment details and your shipping address during checkout. You will receive email confirmations for your order and shipping.
I am not from the US. Can I still order?
Yes! We cater to consumers all around the world, except for some countries. You can contact our support team for more information.
How long before my order is approved?
You have to wait for a few minutes to a few hours before your order is approved since our doctor will still have to evaluate your medical form, especially if you have ordered a prescription drug.

3Rs: Returns, Reshipments, and Refunds

Can I return medicines I have purchased from your website?
Sadly, we don’t accept returns from our clients. The return of medicines is strictly prohibited by international pharmacy laws. However, we can grant refunds or replacements of damaged or missing goods.
Can I have a refund?
Yes. Consumers can qualify for a refund when their orders:
  • Have not arrived within 30 days after the ship date
  • Arrived damaged
  • Are incomplete
  • Are incorrect
If you need a refund, contact our support team so they can assist you.
How about reshipments? Can you reship my order?
Yes, we are also able to reship your orders if they are lost, damaged, incomplete or are incorrect.
You have shipped my order twice. What should I do?
Since we do not accept returns, you get to keep both shipments. Consider it a gift from us.
How much do I need to pay for reshipments?
Reshipments are free. You don’t have to pay anything.
Is it possible to get a full refund for my order?
Yes, it is. However, the refund amount is largely hinged on the nature of your complaint. For instance, if your order is only missing one-fourth of your order, then you can only get a refund for the missing items.
Is it possible to cancel orders?
Yes, but as long as the orders are not approved yet. When the orders are approved and pending to ship, you cannot cancel.

Shipping Inquiries

When will my order ship?
Shipping of your orders takes place within 24 to 48 hours of order confirmation. Check your email for updates.
How long is the waiting time for my order?
Depending on your choice of shipping and your location, your orders may arrive in as early as a week or it may take a month.
Will my order arrive?
Yes. However, in the event that your order does not arrive 30 days after the shipping date, you can consult our support team for help for refunds and reshipments.


Do you have return buyer discounts?
Yes. You qualify for a return buyer discount on your 2nd and further orders.
Do you have vouchers or coupons?
Yes. From time to time we issue special vouchers and coupons to our consumers.
What other discounts can I expect from you?
We have the following discounts for our buyers:
  • Free shipping
  • Freebie pills on all orders
  • Bulk order special prices
  • Surprise bulk order discounts
How can I know if I can avail of your discounts?
It’s easy--our discounts take effect during checkout, except for the voucher codes which should be entered during checkout.